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In this issue For help selling or buying give us a call. We try to Listings across the valley for the right cause August 2015BRE 01949145 Shameless Newsletter Live Confidently MILLERR E A L E S T A T E keep our head straight Del Paso Country Club --- Contemporary 3073 Sand Dollar Way is a contemporary home in an old established area near Del Paso Country Club. Wide open floor plan with lots of glass looking out over well-manicured backyard and front courtyard. 2000 plus square feet 4 bedrooms 2 baths all tastefully done. 400k Marketed by Scott and Michael Miller at 916-944-0511 Carmichael --- Great value near ARC 4198 Dena Way is a spacious 2631 square feet with 5 bedrooms 3 baths and a pool on a quiet Carmichael circle Sac 95821 near American River College. Large family room opening to the back yard separate living room and large formal dining room. 474K Marketed by Marty Monroe at 916-715-9005 Loomis --- St. Francis Woods This home epitomizes our Northern California Lifestyle. With gourmet kitchen great room patio and pool it is set up for entertaining. And with its edible landscaping and frontage to a large lakeside preserve it is set up for an active and natural lifestyle. 1.1M Marketed by Michael and Scott Miller at 916-944-0511 American River Drive--- Quiet cul-d-sac 1240 Lantern Ct. is perfectly located. Steps from Arden Hills Country Club Jesuit High School and the American River. Updated with 4 bedrooms 2.5 bathrooms gourmet kitchen and 2300 sf plus floor plan. Come have a look. 600K Marketed by Randy Ricci 916-717-6100 Roseville --- Solid home solid neighborhood 1332 Greenborough Drive has a great floor plan 4 bedrooms 2 baths large kitchen that opens to family room. Large formal dining living room with vaulted ceilings. Is this that established solid old-school neighborhood youve been looking for 385K Marketed by Kandace Mulvaney and Annie Dube at 916-717-4828 have a few laughs and do the Wright thing Two great new additions Welcome to Marty Monroe. With a solid 18 years in real estate Marty has been helping families through markets thick and thin. She sees real estate as an extension of community service. Fluent in Spanish Marty has deep ties in the military her LDS church and every PTA her family has touched in San Juan Unified Schools. Our model means she will have the flexibility and freedom to operate her business as she sees fit. We are tickled to have her on board. And next we welcome Alice Tomkins the most experienced well connected rookie we will likely ever mentor. Alice has run law offices done paralegal work and most recently done extensive real estate research for developers. In her many real estate transactions Alice has seen it done both right and wrong. She enters real estate with a deep conviction to get it right for her clients be they first time home buyers families moving up or million dollar investors. With her smart and soulful approach we are bullish on Alice. Shameless welcomes a longtime Miller friend. Opinion corner Enough with the trophies already If youre a parent with kids in school or youth sports over the last 15 years youve had to take part in the Everyones Above Average cult. Trophies for all. Your son could have missed 12 the practices picked daisies on the sidelines and never got his foot on the ball for a team that finished dead last with 2 wins in 10 tries but junior got a big trophy at the end of the season. Because he deserved it. Your daughter could have made excuses and faked injuries to avoid the gym never quite getting that cartwheel to go all the way around but dont worry there is a shiny gold medal waiting for the little princess in the end. Good work Maybe its left over residue from the Self Esteem Movement circa 1970s that had the building of self esteem placed wrongly in front of achievement. But regardless of where we got this idea or why we collectively bought into it can we agree to stick a fork in it please Giving everyone a trophy cheapens achievement even renders it meaningless. A medal for not working hard undercuts work ethic. If you are always excellent and always a winner then why bother getting off the couch More insidiously this incessant trophy giving reinforces a message that the purpose of life is chasing little external rewards and seeking approval from others. Shameless can feel heads nodding even if a little cynically. The time is now. Only the winner gets a trophy the rest of us deal with it. Trainwreck This movie is funny. Its also raunchy romantic cynical and redemptive all at once. If you are familiar with Amy Schumers comedy you already have a beat on how things will unfold how the wreck might take place if you will. If you dont have an opinion yet be ready for a different twist on the mating game. Amys on stage shtick is that of mega promiscuous party girl. She tells the untellable jokes formerly told by men only that make bikers blush. She wrote the screenplay herself and on the screen Schumer turns it down a notch or maybe half a notch presumably to make it palatable as a true romantic comedy. And it works. It may be a little formulaic but what do you want in a romantic comedy girl meets boy girl sabotages the relationship with slutty drunken behavior boy forgives girl girl becomes a temporary cheerleader boy laughs girl redeems herself the end. Still this is a thoughtful story with some great acting and a lot of laughs. IN BUSINESS Simple Salmon with yogurt and rice Ingredients 12 salmon skinned 3-4 lbs Olive Oil Lemon Pepper Fresh Dill Old Bay or Salmon Seasoning Lemons Good basmati or jasmine rice prepared Tzatziki or your other yogurt based sauce prepared preferably with cucumber dill lemon and a hint of fresh garlic Directions 12 hour before cooking lay whole half salmononcookiesheetorbroilerpan. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning lemon pepper and fresh dill. Massage into the fish. Turn and repeat dont skimp on flavor. Pre-heat oven to Bake 450 degrees or better. Place salmon on center rack and let it go 10 minutes. Turn without breaking tricky. Return for 5 to 8 minutes more but start paying attention not to overcook. Short of done change to 450 degrees Broil and let the crusting begin for 3 to 5 minutes. All times vary. Serve with rice and yogurt. If you have a block withtheideaofyogurtriceandsalmontogether make some middle eastern or mediterranean friends who can set you straight. Take your dog back to school If your dog is a chump perhaps because you have been occupied with improving his self esteem giving him trophies and treats for undisciplined behavior check out the vast array of affordable training programs offered by the SSPCA. Quite seriously all dogs be they chumpy or precious need and want discipline and training. The volunteers and professionals at the SSPCA are committed to good doggy citizenship. httpwww.sspca.orgpet-carebehaviordog-training-classes Inventory by price Kuvu is a self consciousTabby who wishes he was a dogyou can adopt him Hot market It depends on the price of the home. See the chart above tracking the Months of Inventory by price level. Months of Inventory is an index representing how many months it would take to sell off all of the inventory available. As we increase the value of homes we see months of inventory go up. It makes sense there are fewer people who can afford to buy a 2 million dollar home than can afford a 200k home. We currently have less than 2 months of inventory for homes under 400k. That means that 4 county months of inventory by price homes that are priced right will be in contract with a buyer usually inside of a few weeks. And in the next tier under 800k that number only moves to 3 months. Beyond 800k we start to see a lot of squiggly lines as we get fewer and fewer homes and still fewer and fewer buyers who can afford those homes. Caution these are just indexes and cant be relied on for exact guesses for individual homes. People are unpredictable. So for various reasons we see perfect homes sitting longer than homes with seemingly fatal flaws. Where does your home fit Shameless Newsletter August 2015 If you have any real estate questions or concerns we are here to help. We represent buy- ers and sellers of all stripes and across all tax brackets. Call us anytime or email us at or Drop in on us at 8300 Fair Oaks Blvd 203 Carmichael CA 95608 Call your Miller Real Estate agent direct or at the office 944-0511 The finishing touches are getting done on a new listing in one of the areas most sought after neighborhoods. Families love it for feeding into great San Juan Schools. Commuters love it for its proximity to downtown. Runner cyclists fisherman and birdwatchers love it for being on the American River Parkway. Call us for a preview of this stately 3 bedroom 2 bathroom 1858 square foot home with remodeled kitchen. Priced at 549950. 1267 Gary Way in Carmichael Our 2015 Starting Line-up OurmissionatMillerRealEstateistobuildaclientcenteredbrokerage of committed professionals entrenched in their communities. Our model gives our agents the flexibility to operate using their clients interests as the compass. It requires that we operate on the cutting edge with technology and current market information to the benefit of our clients. And our lean low overhead operation means that our agents are able to invest more of themselves in building their families and their communities. BrokerOwners Scott Miller 916-247-7411 Michael Miller 916-879-6006 Broker Associates Kristen Hansen 916-591-1775 Kandace Mulvaney 916-717-4828 Annie Dube 916-705-6305 Randy Ricci 916-717-6100 Agent Associates Julianna Frisk 916-606-8169 Kristen McDonell 916-801-0132 Elizabeth Ashe 916-439-0756 Marty Monroe 916-715-9005 Alice Tomkins 916-813-2595 Coming soon Newsletters and Numbers If you need to hunt any of our agents down go to our simple website at Or if you just cant get enough of the Shameless Newsletter our crack technology team at Axer Design has been archiving them on our site. And if you have any tips or feel like agreeing or arguing with us about any of the content here please email us at Just thinking The Upside of Down is a quick and enlightening read from a really fresh thinker Megan McArdle. She builds a beautiful template through which to view life business parenting and whatever else you do. This is a study and even a celebration of hardship and failure. Not hardship and failure as the result but rather as the foundational process that leads us to success. She studies highly successful individuals illustrating that their common denominator is having dealt with more hardship and failure than the rest of us. She studies how failure is treated in businesses and government. In short big organizations that recognize and learn from their failures will survive while others fail or go on life support. Think of how Apple responded to a Microsoft that almost buried them and how the Detroit Auto industry did not respond to the giant looming failures so evident in front of them. The healthy organization the nimble organization recognizes what doesnt work and tries something else. McArdle illustrates how individual risk takers and nimble organizations drive innovation. And these new technologies are always the result of relentless effort through repeated failure. Its the reason venture capital firms prefer a startup CEO to have been tempered by a few failed enterprises as Making an impact If you are not familiar with the work that retired Sacramento King Harold Pressley is doing with his foundation get acquainted with it at TLK is involved in several programs to help at-risk youth and their families especially with regard to education ie their latest drive is to get 2000 backpacks loaded with school supplies into the hands of kids that need them. This is truly practical help and worthy of support. ComejoinMillerRealEstateatTimberCreek Golf Course on August 21st to support TLK at their charity golf tournament. Good time right cause details on the website. they have already learned what not to do. It is that learning what not to do through trial and error that is so basic to the human story. Indeed failure is baked into our DNA driving evolution. Cro-Magnon and Neaderthal tried and failed so here we are. The evolving sea turtle learned that her high failure rate meant she better lay hundreds of eggs to get just a few successful progeny. Most business success and self-help books encourage you to focus on your strengths and think about what works. Still valid but McArdles message comes from a different angle it forces you to get honest and vulnerable about what is not working. Its a smart message to inspire big and little questions personal and beyond. Is there a better way to help that guy with the cardboard sign on the street corner Is it my function as a parent to make sure my kids dont fail to shelter them from pain Should we keep doing what we are doing at that failing school Is there a big change in my industry looming This is a great book from a smart mind that might just rock your world. Words to live by