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Newsletters and Numbers If you need to hunt any of our agents down go to our simple website at Or if you just cant get enough of the Shameless Newsletter our crack technology team at Axer Design has been archiving them on our site. And if you have any tips or feel like agreeing or arguing with us about any of the content here please email us at Just thinking The Upside of Down is a quick and enlightening read from a really fresh thinker Megan McArdle. She builds a beautiful template through which to view life business parenting and whatever else you do. This is a study and even a celebration of hardship and failure. Not hardship and failure as the result but rather as the foundational process that leads us to success. She studies highly successful individuals illustrating that their common denominator is having dealt with more hardship and failure than the rest of us. She studies how failure is treated in businesses and government. In short big organizations that recognize and learn from their failures will survive while others fail or go on life support. Think of how Apple responded to a Microsoft that almost buried them and how the Detroit Auto industry did not respond to the giant looming failures so evident in front of them. The healthy organization the nimble organization recognizes what doesnt work and tries something else. McArdle illustrates how individual risk takers and nimble organizations drive innovation. And these new technologies are always the result of relentless effort through repeated failure. Its the reason venture capital firms prefer a startup CEO to have been tempered by a few failed enterprises as Making an impact If you are not familiar with the work that retired Sacramento King Harold Pressley is doing with his foundation get acquainted with it at TLK is involved in several programs to help at-risk youth and their families especially with regard to education ie their latest drive is to get 2000 backpacks loaded with school supplies into the hands of kids that need them. This is truly practical help and worthy of support. ComejoinMillerRealEstateatTimberCreek Golf Course on August 21st to support TLK at their charity golf tournament. Good time right cause details on the website. they have already learned what not to do. It is that learning what not to do through trial and error that is so basic to the human story. Indeed failure is baked into our DNA driving evolution. Cro-Magnon and Neaderthal tried and failed so here we are. The evolving sea turtle learned that her high failure rate meant she better lay hundreds of eggs to get just a few successful progeny. Most business success and self-help books encourage you to focus on your strengths and think about what works. Still valid but McArdles message comes from a different angle it forces you to get honest and vulnerable about what is not working. Its a smart message to inspire big and little questions personal and beyond. Is there a better way to help that guy with the cardboard sign on the street corner Is it my function as a parent to make sure my kids dont fail to shelter them from pain Should we keep doing what we are doing at that failing school Is there a big change in my industry looming This is a great book from a smart mind that might just rock your world. Words to live by