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IN BUSINESS Simple Salmon with yogurt and rice Ingredients 12 salmon skinned 3-4 lbs Olive Oil Lemon Pepper Fresh Dill Old Bay or Salmon Seasoning Lemons Good basmati or jasmine rice prepared Tzatziki or your other yogurt based sauce prepared preferably with cucumber dill lemon and a hint of fresh garlic Directions 12 hour before cooking lay whole half salmononcookiesheetorbroilerpan. Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with seasoning lemon pepper and fresh dill. Massage into the fish. Turn and repeat dont skimp on flavor. Pre-heat oven to Bake 450 degrees or better. Place salmon on center rack and let it go 10 minutes. Turn without breaking tricky. Return for 5 to 8 minutes more but start paying attention not to overcook. Short of done change to 450 degrees Broil and let the crusting begin for 3 to 5 minutes. All times vary. Serve with rice and yogurt. If you have a block withtheideaofyogurtriceandsalmontogether make some middle eastern or mediterranean friends who can set you straight. Take your dog back to school If your dog is a chump perhaps because you have been occupied with improving his self esteem giving him trophies and treats for undisciplined behavior check out the vast array of affordable training programs offered by the SSPCA. Quite seriously all dogs be they chumpy or precious need and want discipline and training. The volunteers and professionals at the SSPCA are committed to good doggy citizenship. httpwww.sspca.orgpet-carebehaviordog-training-classes Inventory by price Kuvu is a self consciousTabby who wishes he was a dogyou can adopt him Hot market It depends on the price of the home. See the chart above tracking the Months of Inventory by price level. Months of Inventory is an index representing how many months it would take to sell off all of the inventory available. As we increase the value of homes we see months of inventory go up. It makes sense there are fewer people who can afford to buy a 2 million dollar home than can afford a 200k home. We currently have less than 2 months of inventory for homes under 400k. That means that 4 county months of inventory by price homes that are priced right will be in contract with a buyer usually inside of a few weeks. And in the next tier under 800k that number only moves to 3 months. Beyond 800k we start to see a lot of squiggly lines as we get fewer and fewer homes and still fewer and fewer buyers who can afford those homes. Caution these are just indexes and cant be relied on for exact guesses for individual homes. People are unpredictable. So for various reasons we see perfect homes sitting longer than homes with seemingly fatal flaws. Where does your home fit