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Two great new additions Welcome to Marty Monroe. With a solid 18 years in real estate Marty has been helping families through markets thick and thin. She sees real estate as an extension of community service. Fluent in Spanish Marty has deep ties in the military her LDS church and every PTA her family has touched in San Juan Unified Schools. Our model means she will have the flexibility and freedom to operate her business as she sees fit. We are tickled to have her on board. And next we welcome Alice Tomkins the most experienced well connected rookie we will likely ever mentor. Alice has run law offices done paralegal work and most recently done extensive real estate research for developers. In her many real estate transactions Alice has seen it done both right and wrong. She enters real estate with a deep conviction to get it right for her clients be they first time home buyers families moving up or million dollar investors. With her smart and soulful approach we are bullish on Alice. Shameless welcomes a longtime Miller friend. Opinion corner Enough with the trophies already If youre a parent with kids in school or youth sports over the last 15 years youve had to take part in the Everyones Above Average cult. Trophies for all. Your son could have missed 12 the practices picked daisies on the sidelines and never got his foot on the ball for a team that finished dead last with 2 wins in 10 tries but junior got a big trophy at the end of the season. Because he deserved it. Your daughter could have made excuses and faked injuries to avoid the gym never quite getting that cartwheel to go all the way around but dont worry there is a shiny gold medal waiting for the little princess in the end. Good work Maybe its left over residue from the Self Esteem Movement circa 1970s that had the building of self esteem placed wrongly in front of achievement. But regardless of where we got this idea or why we collectively bought into it can we agree to stick a fork in it please Giving everyone a trophy cheapens achievement even renders it meaningless. A medal for not working hard undercuts work ethic. If you are always excellent and always a winner then why bother getting off the couch More insidiously this incessant trophy giving reinforces a message that the purpose of life is chasing little external rewards and seeking approval from others. Shameless can feel heads nodding even if a little cynically. The time is now. Only the winner gets a trophy the rest of us deal with it. Trainwreck This movie is funny. Its also raunchy romantic cynical and redemptive all at once. If you are familiar with Amy Schumers comedy you already have a beat on how things will unfold how the wreck might take place if you will. If you dont have an opinion yet be ready for a different twist on the mating game. Amys on stage shtick is that of mega promiscuous party girl. She tells the untellable jokes formerly told by men only that make bikers blush. She wrote the screenplay herself and on the screen Schumer turns it down a notch or maybe half a notch presumably to make it palatable as a true romantic comedy. And it works. It may be a little formulaic but what do you want in a romantic comedy girl meets boy girl sabotages the relationship with slutty drunken behavior boy forgives girl girl becomes a temporary cheerleader boy laughs girl redeems herself the end. Still this is a thoughtful story with some great acting and a lot of laughs.