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Newsletters and Numbers If you need to hunt any of our agents down go to our simple website at Or if you just cant get enough of the Shameless Newsletter our crack technology team at Axer Design has been archiving them on our site. Good times. Guest ponderingsGo Guerrilla If you run a small business you likely have read Guerrilla Marketing. If you havent read it put down the Danielle Steele shut off the Candy Crush and order this book. The first Guerrilla Marketing was published 30 plus years ago and has been updated and re-worked multiple times since then this one is the latest. The principle is the same concentrate on dong all of the little inexpensive things to grow your business before spending the big bucks. In this latest installment Conrad concentrates on how to use technology to that end. Good information Under No Obligation by Robert Kittredge He looks course tough even violent. A gym mate of mine. I was re- luctant to interact with him - silence my best bet at keeping his large muscles and fists focused on his weights and not my face. My first impression formed firmly. He is under no obligation to act live or be consistent with my image of him. He is fully free. I broke the silence ... finally ... as warmly as I could. The warmth flowed back immediately he needed no Kittredge back-ground check. Any possible differential between us age education privilege ease of life - fully irrelevant to him. I received his full humanitarian warmth and every time since. This is a loving man I needed to couldnt help but re-form him. We form other persons - for ourselves. We construct our image of other humans based on the totality of our interactions withinformation about them plus our often invisible trim tab settings otherwise known as beliefs values expectations. The entire process becomes habit forming with both the habit and the forming accelerating with the years. Our values are deceptively active. We form others out of habit ... if were not vigilant. They are busy forming their take on us too of course. First impressions is merely the com- mencement of this nuanced and nearly invisible task. I hereby undertake to make it less so ... less invisible. I had the privilege a day to cherish with dear daughter Chloe at Disneyland this month. Just us two father daughter ten to 1000 p.m. My take on Chloe did not under go any transformation worth mentioning but my feelings for Disney did. Disney is easy to mock. Feminists continue to perceive a wide target. Cynics have more ammunition than they can use in one sitting ... I mean one hunting. Promote child-like qualities and the critics fault-finders pessimists curmudgeons and the cynics will pounce. I have indulged thusly throughout the years too. No longer. Disney is trying very hard to make the world a better place. Disney- land itself may just be the happiest place on earth. I can not recall genu- inely happier warmer employees .... anywhere. Ever. Garbage even one dead flower are nearly impossible to spot. I must have heard the word imagina- tion 20 times. This clear corporate policy packs a double message kids are honored for their imagination adults are re re-minded to rejuvenate theirs. All on their own and alone Disney promotes this worthy and far-reaching message. Just imagine. John Lennon would love Disneyland. As did the tens of thousands who came that day with us. Despite the 99 entrance fee 93 for Chloe people come anyway - they feel it. Even if their searing essays are not forth- coming - they know. Something isnt rotten in the city of Anaheim. And I know what. Neither my gym mate nor Disneyland were ever under any obligation to conform to my image of them. Thank goodness.