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IN BUSINESS Avgolemona Soup Ingredients 5 cups chicken broth 12 cup orzo 3 large eggs at room temperature 3 or more Tbsp fresh lemon juice optional 2 cups cooked shredded chicken Directions Bring broth to a boil in a large soup pot. At boiling add the orzo for 6 to 8 minutes til al dente. Reduce heat to simmer important to let the temperature come down before adding egg. In a separate bowl whisk the eggs with the lemon juice. Introduce 12 cup of warm broth to the egg mixture whisking all the way. When heat is low in soup pot slowly pour in the egg mixture stirring steadily to incorporate around 3 minutes. It should thicken into the creamiest starter soup for your Greek feast. Or if you go the chicken option add that in for a Greek mamas version of chicken soup to cure all. Serve with good bread Donate your vehicle Do you have a neighbor with cars on their lawn Or maybe on blocks in their driveway Both Or perhaps you have a spouse AKA husband AKA cliche who was once dedicated to restoring that classic car on the side yard but has lost the energy to do so. Here is an idea that car or those cars can be donated to the ever needy SSPCA. Not to mention the great bump in real estate values the rest of us will get when it is the junk is cleared. The SSPCA houses 7000 animals each year and does some 20000 surgeries to our neediest pets. Go to the link to get rolling httpwww.donateacar.comcharityspca-sacramentotemplateaffiliate How much space do you require In 1930 the average U.S. house- hold had 4.11 persons living in it. Right now our average is around 2.63 persons per household thats 1.5 fewer people per home. The chart above shows that single family homes in our area through the last 90 or so years have just about doubled in size from around 1100 square feet to 2200 square feet. So the average person in the U.S. or at least in our 4 county 4 county combined median square footage by age Homes have more than doubled in size area now requires at least 3 times as much space as their great grand parents required to live comfortably. Why Affluence The efficiency of the economy can afford 3 times more in resources per capita for housing. Consumption In 1930 most people didnt have more than a pair or two of shoes and the Cuisinart wasnt invented. Spoiled Lets face it we dont like to share bathrooms with too many people if we can help it.