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Come on in the water is fine When the market was peaking in 2006- 2007 there were 50 more real estate agents practicing in California as there are today. We are still waiting to hear back from Willie Nelson and Bono whom we have asked to do a Save the Realtor tour for us They must be too busy. As the market was climbing quickly in 2003-2006 everybody and their cousin was getting licensed. The BRE Bureau of Real Estate was regularly booking the grand ballroom at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Sacramento to hold the licensing tests because so many people were signing up. And as the market crashed the ranks of realtors declined at nearly the same pace as they had grown. See the chart above and appreciate the shape. Now realtor numbers are somewhere near equilibrium and maybe even actually short a bit. As a brokerage of experienced realtors and brokers but our doors are open to rookies as well. If you or anyone you know are looking for a real estate home regardless of experience give us a call. We might be a good fit. Opinion corner Art and Music on the front burner We need more creativity more innovation more flexibility more discovery more courage and more dissent. We need more art and more music. If you are in any way involved in education you have heard the drum beat for STEM or Science Technology Engineering and Math. The thinking is clear that we simply must get better at teaching STEM in order for our civilization to stay competitive in the global marketplace. In Korea and Norway and India they are doing it better the argument goes. We need to keep up. We need our kids to be able to do the hard math crunch the raw data and write the necessary computer code. But doing the hard math while essential is only half of what we need to stay on top if we wish not to raise a generation of robots. Indeed the speed of social and economic change means that the future belongs to those who are flexible able to think on their feet and adapt to changes as they come. Much has been written about how kids who are exposed to a vigorous Arts curriculum score better in their STEM courses. But that misses the point that the Arts stand alone as important for growth. The Arts ask us to create and improvise with what weve been given. The Arts challenge us to get vulnerable and take risks. The Arts challenge us do differentiate and to think differently in a world that grows more standardized and homogenized. The United States is still the innovation center of the world and the Arts are essential if we wish to keep it that way. Open House MILLERR E A L E S T A T E McFarland USA Cynical times call for regular blended doses of feel good schmaltz. Add a little david and goliath throw in a redemption story with a dash of family drama...voila And if its based on a true story its all the more potent. Who better to deliver the medicine Disney of course. Kevin Costner plays the high school coach Jim White who just couldnt control his tough old-school coaching style. A job in a desperate farming community off of California HWY 99 represented his last chance. Jim was going to need to make lemons into lemonade. So he planted a cross country team in the most unlikely soil. His best prospects for the team were the boys he saw running to and from the fields to help pick produce on their family crews before and after school. What unfolds is a true story that is hopeful and heartwarming. Good for the soul.